Here are my results and current tracking for my Ketogenic Diet. I have a lot of experience with this as I've been using different forms of supposed "Keto" diets for years...but now, I'm strict Keto - meaning, no carbs at all. Typical bodybuilding diets add carbs in what's called "cheat meals" or "re-feeds" at specific intervals. 

After years of experimenting with macro manipulation diets for bodybuilding I finally asked myself, "what would happen if I just took carbs out altogether?"  I gave myself a few guidelines when starting this diet: 1) I had to be able to do my normal cardio (road cycling), 2) I had to be able to workout with intensity and my normal weights in the gym, and 3) I didn't want to ruin my physique and not at least look athletic.

Cardio on Keto:

What's interesting on the Keto Diet is that I've been able to lower calories while simultaneously increasing cardio.

Due to the premise that the Keto diet is using fat (dietary and body) for energy, I've been able to maintain high levels of performance in my cardio.

So... the notion that lower calories would cause degradation of performance just isn't true on Keto. Of-course there's a point where this is no longer true, but you can see here that I've almost lowered my calories in half with no issues.

I raised calories a bit in July due to doing way more than expected cardio. I based my cardio ratings on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being a lot of cardio relative to my most recent 2 year average.

Bodyweight on Keto:

The main point here is that my bodyweight has dropped at a consistent rate since February. The 2 pounds per month consistency is due to my experience in managing my program.

What you don't see in this chart are 2 things:
  1. I'm still lifting my heavy weight in the gym; both in poundage and volume.
  2. I'm super happy with my physique - "how I look in the mirror."
The "how I look in the mirror" judgment is a big deal - since I can compare this diet to previous bodybuilding diets and contrast to my physique readiness for competition.

Strength on Keto:

Most bodybuilders or "physique competitors" would be scared to try a zero carb diet because it's commonly believed that you need carbs for two main things: 1) energy, and 2) the muscular pump.

Energy and the famous 'workout pump' are what most strength training people want during their workouts - this is what enables people to lift heavier or longer; thus, maintain or build muscle.

However, I have shown that on a Keto diet you can actually increase muscular strength. Once you adapt to the diet, you will actually have more energy in the gym!

"I never saw 
a wild thing 
sorry for itself.  
A small bird will drop 
frozen dead from a bough without ever 
having felt sorry for itself."